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Generic Claritin (Loratadine)
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10mg x 20 pills
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Dosage: 10mg
Quantity: 20 Tablets
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Basic Facts About Loratadine

Loratadine is essentially a drug that is made specifically to reduce the amount of histamine in the patient’s body. Histamine is a natural chemical found in the body and could produce several symptoms like a runny nose, itching, sneezing, along with watery eyes.

This drug has been made for the cure and treatment of various symptoms of allergies. It is also used for treating skin hives and itching in those patients that have chronic skin reactions.

Important Information About Loratadine

Patients should never take Loratadine if they are allergic to desloratadine or loratadine. Additionally, patients are advised to consult their doctor first before taking loratadine, particularly in cases of previous history of kidney and liver diseases.

This medication should also not be administered in children under the age of 6, unless there is a recommendation from the physician. Remember to consult your doctor first prior to using this type of desloratadine, in case you have phenylketonuria.

Administration of Loratadine

Take the medication as prescribed by the brand, or as recommended by your doctor. Never take the medicine in larger amounts or for a longer period than recommended by the physician.

This medicine is normally taken once a day. Patients can also follow the instructions of their physician to make sure that the proper dose is taken. The pill must be swallowed in one piece: it should never be broken or chewed on.

Missed Doses of Loratadine

Immediately take a missed dose the moment it is remembered. However, if it already the time for the next dose, the missed dose could just be overlooked and just take the next dose without having to double the dosage.

Loratadine Overdose

Immediately seek emergency medical assistance if you Loratadine overdose is suspected. Some symptoms of loratadine overdose may possibly include drowsiness, headache and a fast pounding heartbeat.

What To Avoid When Taking Loratadine

Always follow your physician’s recommendations on any limitations on the food, beverage, or activities while you are taking this drug.

Side Effects of Loratadine

Ask for immediate medical attention if you notice any of the following signs indicating allergic reaction: difficulty in breathing, swelling of lips, throat, and tongue.
In case you have any questions on the possible side effects of this drug, try to contact your health care provider or your personal doctor.