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Generic Levaquin
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250mg x 7 pills
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500mg x 7 pills
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Manufacturer: Europharma
Generic or Brand: Generic
Dosage: 250mg/500mg
Quantity: 7 Tablets
Prescription Required: No

Indications of Levoflaxacin

Levoflaxacin is essentially used for the treatment of infections which are caused by bacteria. The drug could also be used for the impediment or prevention of anthrax after exposure. A quinolone antibiotic, Levoflaxacin works through effectively killing sensitive bacteria.

Important Information About Levoflaxacin

There are several medical conditions which could interact with Levoflaxacin. So, it would be strongly recommended that prior to the administration of Levoflaxacin, make sure that you would be informing your doctor or health care provider of any medical conditions that you have, particularly if any of these apply to you: if you are or you suspect you are pregnant; if you are trying to become pregnant; if you are breastfeeding your baby; if you are or have been taking any medication, prescription or non-prescription, dietary supplements or any herbal preparation; if you have a history of being allergic to certain foods, substances or medicine; if you have any family history of slow, fast or irregular heartbeat, angina, heart attack or chest pain; if you have some other form of heart problems or complications such as an enlarged heart or heart failure; if you have kidney problems, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease or tendon problems; if you have hardened or narrowed brain blood vessels, nervous system problems; increased pressure in your brain or a history of epileptic seizures; and if you easily sunburn or if you would be exposed to the sun for a long period.

Administration of Levoflaxacin

Levoflaxacin must be used only as directed by your physician or health care provider. Also read the drug label thoroughly to make sure that you would be using the correct dosage. It is advisable to drink additional fluids as you take Levofloxacin. Also consult with your doctor for any other recommendations. Levoflaxacin would work best if taken at around the same time everyday. To make sure that your infection would be completely treated, make sure that you would be taking Levoflaxacin for the entire treatment period. It should continually be taken even if you already feel better after just a few days. No doses of Levoflaxacin should be missed. If you miss any doses, it should be taken immediately as remembered. However, it the next Levoflaxacin dose is almost up, you could skip the missed dose then go back to your regular Levoflaxacin dose schedule. Never take two Levoflaxacin doses at one time.